Serving the children of Glenview, Northbrook, and the World



In addition to donating funds to worthy organizations, our club will provide services to organizations that can benefit by the participation of our members.  A case in point is our Farmer's Market to Food Pantry program headed by our member Dick Conser (photos below) assisted by his wife Nan.

Every Saturday morning Dick and Nan, along with at least one other Kiwanis member, will go to the Glenview and Northfield Farmer's Markets and request various produce vendors to donate some of their fruits and vegetables to the Northfield Township Food Pantry.   Dick and Nan, and at least one other Kiwanis member, will then deliver the produce to the food pantry that serves annually more than 750 families in the Northfield Township. 

Service to the community is what Kiwanis is all about!  Why not join us in providing service to Glenview, Northbrook and the wider world community in which we live.